When I started this business back in 2012, I never imagined how much happiness I would experience. The people that I’ve met have been so wonderful!  Through this journey, I realized that my passion was not only wedding photography, but photographing two people who are committed to each other. I love working with couples who value each other and are building a great foundation for a lifelong commitment of marriage. I love capturing the story between two people and preserving that history for generations yet to come. The thought of a couple’s children and grandchildren looking through their wedding album one day, makes me feel as though what I did mattered, and that I left behind something that was truly special.

My Favorites and Fun Facts

  • My husband of 13 years and our two children
  • Wine & Ice Cream – I love a sweet wine, and my favorite ice cream is moosetracks or birthday cake flavored
  • Favorite movie: The Notebook (it’s a classic romance story and makes me want to go back and live in that generation)
  • Favorite TV Show: This is Us
  • Coffee- I prefer a little bit of coffee with my creamer
  • Books- I love to read things that make me dig deeper about my marriage, parenting, faith, and business
  • Travel – I’m always up for an adventure to see new places. I also love to be near moving water such as rivers and mountain creeks
  • Favorite Adventures Taken: I’d have to say riding in a helicopter down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon was pretty amazing. It’s so beautiful, and a completely different view from when you’re on top
  • I once skydived out in Las Vegas. That was pretty awesome and I look forward to doing it again one day!



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